How To Change Fonts Of Android Phone Trick


How To Change Fonts On Android Phone

#Method 1: System Settings

Some of the Device like Samsung has an inbuilt feature of Font Changing through which you can easily change your font without any Root Access.
Stock Android doesn’t have inbuilt features for changing fonts but you can still change fonts if you have Root Access. Changing Fonts of the Device which has inbuilt Font Changing Feature like Samsung is very easily. To Change the font on Older Version of Samsung Device Just Go to:

    Settings > Device > Fonts > Font Style

      To Change the font on Newer Version of Samsung Device that comes with Android 4.3 or later Just Go to:

        Settings > My Devices > Display > Font Style

          #Method 2: Using Android Apps

          If you are not a Samsung user then you need to download apps for changing your Android Mobile Font. Below I’ve provided 2 Best Font Changing Apps that you can use for Changing your Android Mobile Font. Root Access is required for using these Apps.

          1. HiFont

          HiFont is the best flipfont installer for android. Hundred of handpicked written fonts style like cute, darker, candy colored fonts are all for you. And it is compatible with the font program on your phone.
          • Support Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia X and other phones to change fonts
          • Support to use your own custom fonts.
          • Provide font for dyslexia font to help dyslexia readers
          • Cool emoticon and cute smiley.
          • Easily to change font size.
          • Special designer’s font zone added.
          • Weekly release of new fonts.

          2. Font Installer

          Font Installer is another awesome App through which you can change your Font in Android Phone. It has Over 4,300 fonts available for your Android device.
          Choose from hundred of typefaces used by graphic designers and popular websites. All fonts are free for personal use and the majority are free for commercial use too.
          • Over 4,300 fonts available for your Android device.
          • Root not required for supported devices.
          • Install fonts you download from the web.
          • Additional font settings for your device.

          #Method 3: Custom ROMs

          Custom ROMs are one of the best things about Android. You can Install Custom ROMs on your Android Device & it requires Root Access to do so.
          There are many Custom ROMs available on the Internet which you can Install on your Android Phone if you have Rooted Device.
          Once you Install Custom ROMs, the whole interface of your phone will be changed and even your Fonts. This is the Best way if you are bored with your current interface. Just Install Custom ROMs & Get a fresh new interface.

          These were the 3 Methods through which you can Change Android Fonts. Comment below if you have any query. Stay tuned with Latest For All for more latest Tricks & Updates.

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